Photos of tech workers having the time of their lives at Burning Man

Tech workers descend on Black Rock City, Nevada, for the annual counterculture festival, Burning Man.

Elon Musk, who famously came up with the idea for SolarCity while at Burning Man a few years back, once said “Burning Man is Silicon Valley.”

Judging from the photos of tech moguls, startup founders, and venture capitalists that have surfaced since the annual counterculture festival began, we’re guessing Musk is right.

We rounded up the best photos of tech workers sweating it out on the playa.

User experience designer Olia Birulia made the well-traveled trek from San Francisco to Burning Man in 2016, and made some friends along the way.

Emily Hsiung, a product designer at Uber, left for 2017 Burning Man with the 7 Sirens Cove theme camp. She helped make this sign with a computer-controlled cutting machine.

Will O’Brien, an angel investor and chief operating officer of cloud-analytics platform Keen IO, couldn’t resist the chance to fly direct to Burning Man’s pop-up airport in 2016.

And we are off. Flying nonstop to Black Rock City! #burningman #burningman2016

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Sarah Tang, a senior operations manager at UberEATS, wore a unicorn headpiece as she danced at Burning Man in 2015.

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Jessica Rose Yurasek manages social media strategy for clients like Twitter Video when she’s not galavanting across the playa. She shot this lively photo in 2016.

Matt Herrick, a corporate account executive at enterprise content-management platform Box, became the reigning champion of jousting at Black Rock City in 2016.

I am now the current reigning #jousting #champion of #blackrockcity #burningman

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Later in the week, Herrick bumped into some astronauts.

#burning the #catacombofveils was the highlight of my life. #burningman

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Christopher McArthur took a quick break from his gig as senior programmer at Riot Games to bask in the glory of 2017 Burning Man.

See y'all there ???????????? #burningman #burningman2017

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Alessandra Bruno is a New York-based startup founder whose e-commerce platform, 4Gifters, lets you send a gift to anyone in the world. Her 2016 outfit was rocking.

???? #magicplace #burningman #sunset #burningman2016 #brc ????

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Y Combinator alum Aaron Muszalski made a last minute adjustment to his costume in 2016.

500 Startups mentor Tatyana Kanzaveli posted this photo of her “new friend” last year. Her startup, Open Health Network, lets people build mobile apps without learning to code.

My new friend ???? #burningman #burningman2016 #burningmanphotos #art #burn #creativity

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Kanzaveli also popped into a lecture at Ideate Labs’ camp, where organizers held speaker series on topics related to tech and innovation.

Look at this awesome Conf hall speakers series at camp #Ideate #burningman #burningman2016

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Marianna Phillips, a community manager at New York Artificial Intelligence group, soaked up the sun at Burning Man in 2016.

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TEDxBlackRockCity returned to Burning Man in 2016 to provide an extra dose of inspiration.

@ChipConley speaking at the #BurningMan #TEDx #BlackRockCity

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Venture capitalist Ari Eisenstat moderated a panel during a whiteout dust storm in 2016.

Bennett Thuener, VP of finance at Drchono, a health-record platform for medical practices, wore a bandana around his face to protect his nose and mouth from the dust storm.

Enjoying a sand bath. #burningman

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Sam Winkler is the CEO of Liquipel, a startup that has developed a unique process to make electronics water-resistant. Surely that ability came in handy at 2016 Burning Man.

Burning man lets do this???????????????? #burningman #burningman2016 #fam

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Creative developer Florian Zumbrunn channeled Indiana Jones on the playa last year.

#burningman is going to start! #enjoy all 🙂 #burners #love #creativity #art #desert #party #fun #blackrock

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Asher Blumberg, a senior product designer at mobile app startup Juxta Labs, and cofounder of a cruelty-free cosmetic glitter line, beat the heat at 2016 Burning Man.

Co create, evolve, and manifest destiny ????????#burningman #thetemple

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