13 eerie and intricate pumpkins carved by professional artists

A pumpkin by artist Michael Brown.
Michael Brown/Instagram

Pumpkin-carving doesn’t have to be just something kids do for Halloween.

It can be a serious art form.

Professional artists often take up the craft of sculpting faces into pumpkins, most of which are much creepier than your standard Jack-o-lantern.

Check out some of the best artist pumpkin creations (culled from Instagram) below.

By Jeff Brown

By Jon Neill

By A.S. Barker

By A.S. Parker

By squidinkdesigns

By squidinkdesigns

By David Smith

By Monique Hawk

So I’m just going to say it – this is my favorite pumpkin I’ve ever done!!! As many of you know, I’ve already carved Batman and The Penguin, so I knew I just had to carve the Joker! Now, the Joker has been done quite a few times before by other 3D pumpkin carvers, but it has never been painted before (At least, not to my knowledge). So here is my carving, but with my own twist. (I mean, c’mon! It’s the JOKER! He’s GOT to have his signature painted face. 😉 ) Speaking of that, this was my first time airbrushing anything in over 10 years, and I have NEVER done anything like this, so it was all new territory for me. VERY fun though! And as a bonus, I am working on the time-lapse video as we speak! Not sure I’m going to top this pumpkin this year, but we’ll see! 😉 Happy Halloween!!! #thepumpkinartist #batman #thepenguin #thejoker #joker #brandydavis #3dpumpkincarving #3dpumpkinsculpting #airbrush #airbrushing #awesomepumpkin #happyhalloween #pumpkin #pumpkincarving #Halloween #scarypumpkin #2016 #art #3dpumpkin @fallontonight @jimmyfallon @foodnetwork @therealdaytime @theellenshow @batman @batman.official @gordongram @goodhousekeeping

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By Brandy Davis

By Michael Brown

By Michael Brown

By Daniel Kissel

By Daniel Kissel