Inside ‘The Hunt,’ the infamous, booze-soaked horse race that’s the highlight of the New Jersey fall social calendar

Stephanie Keith / REUTERS

Saturday, October 15 was a beautiful day to drink on a farm.

Such was the agenda for many affluent tri-state area twenty-somethings, who flock to New Jersey’s Moorland Farms for the annual Far Hills Race Meeting, informally referred to as “The Hunt.”

Sure, there’s horse racing, and the event is a charity benefit for healthcare in the region, but the real attraction is the infamous tailgate that takes place every year in the infield. According to, last year’s event saw 37 arrests for disorderly behavior, and about 200 police officers were on hand this time around.

Below are some of the craziest sights from this year’s race, which brought an estimated 35,000 visitors.

Welcome to “The Hunt,” officially known as the Far Hills Race Meeting.

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The annual event is held in support of healthcare in the region, and regularly brings in tens of thousands of attendees.

We are already seeing some very impressive setups! Check this one out! Show us yours! Tag #FarHillsRace!

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Many have elaborate setups, and some even bring in their own bartenders.

But the real party is in the infield.

Not sure who trusted us in charge of the ice luge????

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This year, the tailgate was described as a “college party times like 50” by one attendee.

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Source: New York Post

Many just enjoy the party atmosphere in the infield.

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Sometimes, things can get a little weird.

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There was no shortage of election 2016 humor.

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Seriously — none at all.

A new candidate has entered the race for president! #thehunt

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Setups even included thematic taxidermy.

Though large-scale betting won’t be available at the race until next year, many groups of tailgates bet among themselves.

The real focus of the tailgate, however, is drinking.

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Champagne, beer, and hard liquor flowed like water, even though walk-in attendees were not technically allowed to bring in their own booze.

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Many attendees dressed in their race-day finest.

But as the race went on, the revelry got a little messier.

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Attendees didn’t seem to mind.

Many novelty horse masks could be seen throughout the day.

Keg stands and stumbling drunks were a common sight.

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To say the tailgate leaves a mess would be an understatement.

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Oh, and there was horse racing too.

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