Popular daily vlogger Nas Daily says he hates Singapore – here’s why

Travel vlogger Nas in his latest viral video shot in Singapore again
Facebook/Nas Daily

Social media icon Nusseir Yassin, known as Nas Daily, is a wildly popular star on Facebook, and he has a unique style of documenting his travels around the world by posting one-minute videos of his journeys daily.

That has gained him over 7.6 million followers.

His travels saw him arrive in Singapore on Wednesday (August 22), which was his fifth time in the country.

The last time he was here two years ago, he posted an upbeat video detailing Singapore and its people. Titled “Singapore in 1 Minute”, it has seen over 750,000 views so far.

This time, he also made another video after hosting a fan meet-up, but the content of the video is all about why he hates Singapore, which has gone viral with over 2 million views at the time of writing.

The reason he hates the country?

In his own words, Nas is “so jealous that (he) hates (Singapore)”.

In the video, he explains that he’s jealous of the progress the country has made in just 53 years, which includes having “world-class food”, “world-class airports” as well as “drinkable tap water”. Nas does make a point to include that Singapore still has its troubles like “inequality” and “high prices”.

He said: “Every time I come here, I leave amazed at what countries can do in 53 years”.

The vlogger also goes on to explain that although he realises that the title of the video can come across as “clickbait”, his feelings are genuine.

The meeting with his fans is featured heavily in the video, and some Singaporean fans have shown delight at being included in the video and they shared some behind-the-scenes footage.