Qantas just released a new safety video that’ll take you to cities around the world – including Singapore

Qantas’ latest inflight safety video is an evolution of previous ones which focused on Australian destinations.

Australian national carrier Qantas just released its in-flight safety video for 2018 and unlike previous years, the latest one doesn’t focus on well-known Australian locations or landscapes.

In fact, the only scenes shot in Australia are at the start and end: It begins with a young woman saying goodbye to her family at Melbourne airport and ends with an off-duty Qantas pilot lounging at Cottlesloe Beach in Perth.

All that takes up about a minute of the seven-minute video before viewers are transported to some of the airline’s destinations around the world such as New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and even Singapore.

Each city features Ausssies being Aussies overseas, while explaining the typical safety guidelines of flying, with some casting a spotlight on all-time classics like Tim Tam slams, Vegemite on toast and cricket.

The scenes shot in Singapore are set on the rooftop of the iconic Marina Bay Sands (anyone surprised?) where a woman lounging on a deckchair next to the Infinity Pool talks about “important information” on deep vein thrombosis found in the Qantas magazine.

Lounging by the Infinity Pool is a great time to look up information on deep vein thrombosis.

It cuts to another scene of an Australian guy tucking into his chili crab dinner while dishing out advice on returning the seat-back to the upright position and stowing away the tray-table.

It’s not only time for some chili crab, it’s also time to ensure your seat-back is in the upright position.

Qantas said in a statement that it used real people instead of actors for the video, which took five weeks to produce and is set to the song “I Still Call Australia Home”.

It involved a total of 20 Australians living or visiting the destinations featured, including the two in Singapore, who are employees of the Singapore National Stadium.

Qantas International CEO Alison Webster said: “This video lets us show off some of the amazing places you can travel on our network, and acts as a quick induction on Australian culture for visitors overseas about to fly here on a Qantas aircraft.”

The video will be screened on Qantas domestic and international flights from April with different versions to accommodate 11 languages.