Rain rain come again – Singapore bids farewell to hottest September on record as thunderstorms are expected

Lightning activity and some intense thunderstorms can be expected over the next two months

The dry weather spell is officially over as Singapore bids farewell to the hottest and driest September on record, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said on Tuesday (Oct 1).

Lightning activity and some intense thunderstorms can be expected over the next two months as well, which brings much relief considering that last month was the hottest on record. 

The monthly mean temperature in September was 29.0℃, which was 0.2 °C warmer than the previous record set in September 1997. Last month also saw the highest mean daily maximum and minimum temperature, and also the lowest rainfall recorded since the 1990s. 

The highest mean daily maximum temperature was 33.0℃, and highest minimum was at 26.0℃. The total monthly rainfall was 22.8mm, a lot lesser than the previous record low rainfall of 23.7mm in 1994.

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However, rainfall for the first two weeks of October is expected to be slightly higher than normal, over most parts of Singapore. 

The Meteorological Service said this change in the weather is due to low-level winds blowing from the south-east or south, gradually weakening into being light and variable in direction. This change signifies the end of the south-west monsoon season and the beginning of the inter-monsoon period, where conditions are conducive for thunderstorm development. 

The increase in rainfall is expected to bring further improvement to the haze situation, and reduce the likelihood of transboundary haze affecting Singapore. 

Nonetheless, the Meteorological Service cautions that Singapore might still experience haze on a few days, particularly in the early mornings, as a result of the accumulation of particulate matter in the atmosphere. 

The 24hr Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings as of 3pm ranged from 58 to 63, which falls under the “Moderate” range. 

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24hr-PSI readings as of 3pm on October 2, 2019.

The weather in Singapore over the next fortnight is forecast to be warm, with the daily maximum temperature exceeding 35℃ on a few days. But the daily temperature is expected to range between 25℃ and 34℃.

Temperatures at night in the southern and eastern coastal areas of the island are expected to be warmer with daily minimums of 27℃ or more on some days. 

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