Razer fans are going nuts over finally getting a toaster – and it turns out, it was hinted in the company’s IPO prospectus all along

All it took was 1 million likes to make it real.
Razer Project Breadwinner, Facebook/Min-Liang Tan

For Razer Toaster Lovers. By Razer Toaster Lovers.

That punny tagline (a play off Razer’s own “For gamers, by gamers” catchphrase) has arguably heralded a new era in the gaming industry: one where dedicated gamers fill their homes with not just laptops and headphones by their favourite brand, but also fridges and dishwashers and air con units.

Six years after promising to make a Razer-brand toaster a reality if a fan page for the product hit one million likes, CEO Tan Min-Liang announced on Facebook on Monday (April 29) that the fans had done it.

“I didn’t think these guys were going to make it – but they did,” Tan wrote in a caption on a video which fan group “Give Us The Razer Toaster” made after they hit the requested milestone.

“I’m going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years – but I’ll be sure to share the progress and make it a community affair,” he added.

A joke site for the toaster has even been updated, informing visitors that “the most requested product in the history of gaming is now under development”.

“This project was demanded by community and you won’t shut up about it,” the site added.

The idea for the toaster first began in 2013 when Tan promised fan page manager Mark Withers that he would make the product for real if the page received a million likes.

The company even turned the toaster into its April Fools’ joke for 2016, complete with a video on the “new product”, featuring toast etched with the Razer logo.

What Razer didn’t expect, however, was for the idea to explode in popularity. Since then, besotted fans have taken every opportunity on Facebook to beg Tan to make it. Virtually every Facebook post the CEO has written since then has been peppered with comments requesting for the toaster.

It even prompted Tan to ask fans on Facebook why they wanted a toaster so badly, and not another appliance.

According to Tan’s post, he agreed that if fans went as far as to get a tattoo of the toaster, that would contribute 100,000 likes to the final count.

As of April 28, fans had gotten a total of 12 Razer toaster tattoos, with Withers himself boasting not one, but two.

The fan page also said that the tattoos were the reason the page managed to hit one million likes.

On Friday (May 2), Tan even shared an easter egg with jubilant fans – the company had hidden a mention of the toaster in its 2017 IPO prospectus under a section on potential business expansion.

“We see opportunities to develop other products and services… which in addition to our mobile device, may include… gear, accessories, energy drinks or even toasters (if fans want it),” the section read.

Tan said he thought it would be “funny” to hide several easter eggs in the “super serious” prospectus, but had never expected them to come to pass.

He did not identify what other easter eggs were.

Buoyed with the hope that the Razer toaster will soon hit shelves, some fans have also started petitioning for other products.

A group named “Project Razer Household” spiked from three members to over 2,600 members in the few hours after Tan announced Razer would start developing the toaster.

The group is now pushing for appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, home security systems, and even toilet bowls – with enterprising fans supplying their own mock ups of the products.

Facebook/Project Razer Household

Sadly, Tan quickly responded that none of these ideas would ever materialise.

Despite his flat-out rejection, however, he jokingly promised to make a Razer mini fridge if fans could withhold all toaster comments for a week.

Facebook/Edgar Aguirre

Whether or not a Razer household appliance line ever becomes available, we’re betting loads of Razer fans already have plans for breakfast to look like this.

Razer Project Breadwinner

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