Razer and Lazada level up with launch of new digital game store in Singapore and sights set on Southeast Asia

The Razer Game Store officially launches in Singapore on Wednesday (Apr 11) and is set to expand into other Southeast Asian markets.

Gaming hardware company Razer just launched its first digital game store in Singapore on Wednesday (Apr 11), setting the stage for its maiden venture into video game e-commerce in the region.

The Razer Game Store is the brainchild of Razer’s latest partnership with Southeast Asian (SEA) e-commerce giant Lazada, which will host the digital store.

Global marketing director for Razer Ian Tan said the company collaborated with Lazada to leverage on the diverse consumer behaviour of SEA markets. Lazada’s regional e-commerce expertise was also considered.

Touted as “region-centric”, the store brings instant access to a treasure trove of games curated at local price points to video game fans across the region.

“The Razer Game Store on Lazada is the only official Southeast Asia-centric source of original PC digital games from publishers all over the world,” said Mr Hari Vijayarajan, executive vice president and chief business officer for Lazada Singapore.

Beginning with its first launch in Singapore, the store will later expand to Malaysia and Thailand by this quarter and subsequently to Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Razer Game Store will offer a plethora of new releases and all-time favourite video games on discount including Far Cry 5, Grand Theft Auto V and Tom Clancy’ Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Indie game titles like Cuphead, Dead Cells and Bomber Crew are also available at discounted prices.

The games are sold in the form of game keys that are activated on digital distribution platforms such as Steam and Uplay.

The store will also regularly offer promotions and in-app specials, tailored for home markets and in local currency.

Tan Min-Liang, co-founder and CEO of Razer said: “A gamer’s wish-list never stops growing, and we’re always on the lookout for great deals to expand our game library.”

Questions have previously been raised about whether the Razer Game Store would spell the death of existing distribution platforms – most notably Steam – and stifle competition.

In response to a Twitter post on the matter, Tan wrote on April 6: “Isn’t meant to kill Steam – we sell Steam keys on it!”