Razer’s Min-Liang Tan is looking for 1,337 fans to follow on Instagram – here’s how to get him on your followers list

Min-Liang Tan will follow you on Facebook – if you can catch his eye with your posts.

Calling all Razer fans: here’s your chance to be “friends” with the gaming hardware company’s CEO.

Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and chief executive of Razer, thrilled fans when he announced via social media on Sunday (Sept 22) that he was looking to follow up to 1,337 people on his Instagram account.

In the post, Tan, who is also CEO of audio firm THX, said he wanted to “track the latest news from our top fans” and offered tips for those who wanted him on their followers lists.

“If you’d like me to follow you, make sure you tag my account @minliangtan in your photos about gaming, Razer and anything awesome and if I think it’s cool stuff, I’ll make sure I follow your account!” he wrote.

Tan did not explain the reason for the 1,337-person cap, but 1337 happens to be the company’s stock code on the Hong Kong Exchange.

And it seems some fans might have already been successful in their “applications”. Less than 24 hours after the post was was published, Tan’s “following” list increased from 157 to 169 Instagram users.

Of course, Razer fans were quick to comment on Tan’s announcement. One of them, Joe Possimpible Muñiz, applauded Tan’s openness to engagement by saying: “You should be an inspiration to CEOs all over the world. Your attitude and engagement to fans is outstanding. Keep it up!”

Many Facebook users also jumped on the opportunity to continue fans’ long-running petition for a Razer-made toaster. One of them wrote: “I will tag (you in) anything about toaster XD.” In response, Tan defiantly wrote: “OK unlikely I’ll follow then.”

Facebook screengrab

Another Facebook user wondered aloud how the lawyer-turned-entrepreneur manages to carve out time for fans despite his busy schedule.

Tan’s (very prompt) reply to that comment was a cheeky: “Maybe I should be working harder….nah…”

Facebook screengrab

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