Road accident victim worries about punctuality, asks Good Samaritan to tell his boss he’ll be late for work

A screengrab from Razali Raihayu’s Facebook video.
Facebook/ SG Road Vigilante

A Malaysian worker in Singapore who was involved in a road accident has shown that even on the worst of days, nothing can break his dedication to work and duty.

On Monday (Mar 5), an accident on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) involving the 35-year-old’s motorcycle and a bus left him lying on the road, with a head injury.

The bus driver stopped his vehicle to attend to the injured worker who was still conscious.

But another Malaysian motorcyclist who goes by the name Razali Raihayu stopped to administer first aid, after noticing that no one else was assisting the bus driver, while waiting for the arrival of paramedics.

The entire episode was captured by what appears to be his helmet cam and the video was uploaded on Facebook community page SG Road Vigilante.

It was not the act of kindness that was most impressive.

The worker, wanting to be accountable to his superior for his presumed lateness to work, handed his phone to Razali as he was administering first aid.

Razali wrote in his Facebook post: “His first word [sic] to me, ‘bang, please help me to call my boss, tell her I will be late’.”

“Bang” means “brother” in Malay.

With tongue-in-cheek humour, he told the man that he was going to be late by “a few months”.

Both Razali’s benevolence and the worker’s extraordinary devotion to his employer has since earned the praises of Facebook users.

Razali added that he hopes the incident would inspire more people to learn first aid and encourage people to change their negative perception of Malaysian motorcyclists.