Samsung turns up the heat to roast generations of iPhone fans

The frenzy to get an iPhone X on Nov 3 may have paid off for lucky Apple fans, but now Samsung is here to rain on their parade.

On Nov 5, Samsung Mobile USA released a short 1-minute clip on YouTube called “Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up” which follows an iPhone fan on his 10-year journey of getting the latest phone model each time it’s released.

Then everything changes for him in 2013 when he gets the iPhone 5s and realises his girlfriend’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is just seemingly so much better.

He finds this out for himself repeatedly over the years: Like when he falls into a lake with his iPhone and it goes kaput; and when he’s wrapped around in a cables thanks to the adapter that’s needed to charge the phone and plug in earphones at the same time.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend’s Samsung emerges unscathed from the lake and boasts wireless charging in the same scenarios.

Finally he realises he’s had enough and gets himself a Samsung phone, sending as a text message: “Guess what I just got”.

The words are incidentally the exact same ones he said over a call earlier in the video when he received the first-Gen iPhone.

The jury’s still out on which smartphone is truly better, but the video has since chalked up over 416,000 views at the time of writing.

Samsung has pulled off similar stunts in recent years and was recently joined by Google when it promoted its new Pixel 2 smartphone.