Fans find another Easter Egg in ‘Black Panther’ months after movie’s release

Fans have found yet another easter egg in “Black Panther”.
Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has arguably revolutionised the cinematic “Easter Egg”.

From all the way back to 2008 with the mention of the “Avenger Initiative” in the first Iron Man movie – which laid the foundation for the universe we know today – eagle-eyed fans have been analysing each and every one of the 20 movies so far for little details that they can geek out on.

These “Eggs” are not just throwaway homages to the comics either: they set up future movies and provide continuity in the Universe. In the MCU, one can argue that they are as important as the plot points of the movie.

“Inifinity War”, the culmination of all 20 previous movies and a widely successful film amongst both fans and critics, has been no different, with fans searching through the movie time and time again to see if they’ve missed out on anything.

However, the success of “Infinity War” may have overshadowed the other Marvel breakout success of the year: “Black Panther”.

The film starring Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan, was a huge hit all around the globe, shattering records all around the world; and like “Infinity War”, received praise universally.

And almost seven months after it was first released, it appears that fans are continuing to find more hidden secrets in Wakanda.

The Movie Details subreddit on Reddit is known for finding secret details in movies, and user u/thecruiser found out some intriguing details about the upgraded Black Panther suit.

After T’Challa receives an enhanced suit from his sister Shuri, he is instructed to test its kinetic energy storage by hitting it. When he does, some glowing Wakandan text appears on it:

The Wakandan text that appears.
Reddit/thecruiser and Marvel

Using a Wakandan “translator” (yes, that exists) that can be found on the Internet, the text was able to be translated, and the sweet meaning of one chunk of text in particular?

A new language to be learned. #WakandaForever from r/blackpanther

“I love you, Mom.”

While that could be anybody’s mother being referenced – whether it be a member of the production team adding the subtlety in or even director Ryan Coogler paying tribute to his own mum – I think it would be much easier to explain it as T’Challa just being a huge “momma’s boy”.

In Black Panther, when T’Challa strikes the new Panther Habit suit to test its kinetic energy storage, some glowing Wakandan text appears on the torso. If you translate one chunk of this text, it actually says, “I Love You Mom.” from r/MovieDetails