Singapore Airlines removes peanuts from list of complimentary on-board snacks

But SIA said it would not be able to provide a nut-free cabin or guarantee an allergy-free environment on board its flights.
The Straits Times

Peanuts will no longer be served as complimentary snacks to passengers in all of Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) cabin classes.

A spokesperson from the national carrier told Business Insider on Monday (Apr 30) that the airline had ceased serving the particular snack since April 2018.

However, other types of nuts and snacks will still be available across all cabin classes.

“Cashews, macadamia nuts and walnuts continue to be served in Suites and First Class, while almonds and cashews continue to be served in Business Class and Premium Economy Class,” said the spokesperson.

Economy Class passengers are now served snack packs containing peas and crackers.

On July 19 last year, SIA had announced that it would review the serving of nuts on its flights following the case of an Australian toddler who suffered a severe allergic reaction to packets of peanuts opened by other passengers.

The toddler was apparently diagnosed with anaphylaxis – a life-threatening allergic reaction – before the flight.

An advisory on SIA’s website says that “every reasonable effort” would be made to accommodate passengers’ requests for nut-free meals.

“However, we’re unable to provide a nut-free cabin or guarantee an allergy-free environment on board. It’s not unusual for other passengers on our flights to be served meals and snacks containing nuts or their derivatives,” says SIA.

“We also have no control over passengers consuming their own snacks or meals on board, which may contain nuts or their derivatives.”

SIA advised its customers to “take every necessary precaution, bearing in mind the risk of exposure”.