Singapore Airlines ruffles feathers by announcing credit card charge, then does surprise U-turn on decision

The Straits Times

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has made a surprising U-turn on a decision to implement extra fees for credit card transactions on Economy Lite fare tickets issued in Singapore, less than 20 hours after news of the decision was first reported.

On Wednesday (Jan 3), it was reported that SIA would be implementing a credit card service fee of 1.3 per cent, capped at $50, for Economy Lite fare tickets issued in Singapore.

The fee is already existing for flights departing Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, but was new to Singapore.

As of 9am on Thursday morning, the carrier was still responding to complaints and feedback regarding the credit card charge left on its Facebook page.

However, on Thursday afternoon, The Straits Times reported that the carrier had sent out an updated circular to all its sales agents and business partners to announce that it was no longer proceeding with plans to impose the fee for flights departing from Singapore.

The note reportedly read: “Following a further review, Singapore Airlines will not be proceeding with the implementation of the CCSF (credit card service fee).”

The company has yet to explain the reason for their change in decision.

Less than a month ago, SIA had also introduced a change in its seat booking policy for Economy Lite fare ticket holders.

The announcement stated that passengers with Economy Lite fare tickets would be charged an extra fee from US$5 and up for advance seat selection.