Singapore burger chain urges Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to settle the beef, sends personal letters to both leaders

Singapore gourmet burger joint Wolf Burgers is urging Trump and Kim to settle the beef with a new item it has created for the summit.
Wolf Burgers

Homegrown burger chain Wolf Burgers have created The Burger for World Peace just in time for the upcoming US-North Korean summit in Singapore.

Featuring strong Korean and American culinary influences, ingredients include Bulgogi Marinated Shabu Brisket, Kimchi Mayo, Korean Styled Pickled Radish combined with Caramelised Onions and American Sharp Cheddar.

The burger is also a riff on an American favourite: the Philly Cheesesteak.

Wolf Burgers announced the new item on Wednesday (June 6) and included two private letters addressed to President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-Un individually, inviting them to come taste the burger for themselves.

If both leaders are unable to make it, Wolf Burgers has offered to delivery the burgers to them and their respective teams.

The Burger for World Peace is also available from Wolf Burger outlets from June 8.

Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel announced its own Trump-Kim burger and iced tea earlier this week; and Kim Jong Un is said to be considering the idea of opening a MacDonald’s in North Korea soon.

The Singapore Mint is also issuing limited edition medallions to mark the historic meeting.