Caffeine junkies, it’s time to descend upon the Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 – here are the 7 exhibitors to check out

Keep calm and drink away.
Business Insider/ Joey Lee

Back for a second run at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, this year’s Singapore Coffee Festival will open to the public from Friday (Aug 4) to Sunday (Aug 6).

With over 100 different exhibitors, the event promises that coffee aficionados will be spoiled for choice, whether they’re drinking coffee, making a cuppa or simply watching others brew their favorite beverage.

Here are our top seven recommendations.

If you’re a coffee-lover (or hipster), you’ve probably heard the buzz about the Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 on from August 3 to 6 at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

With over 100 exhibitors and only two precious drink samples, you’re probably wondering which ones to devote them to. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to give you a hand.

Here are seven stalls that are so unique, we think they’re worth raising your caffeine levels for. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

First, a head’s up.

Most of us (if you’re taking a cab there), will be dropped off at the second level of the cruise centre (pictured below).

But because there are no glaring signs indicating activities going on at the first level, I didn’t realise there were more booths downstairs until an exhibitor mentioned it almost a half hour after I had arrived. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

To get to level one (pictured below), you’ll have to leave the second level of the exhibition area, and either take the lift or escalators to get down. 

There, you’ll be subjected to another bag check at the security area before you’ll be let in.

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

Because of the overwhelming crowds last year, this year’s event is split into two sessions, each lasting five-and-a-half hours. 

So if you’re rushing for time, we say check out level one first. 

There’s a lot more going on there with at least thrice the number of F&B outlets compared to level two. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

There were four exhibits that stood out to us at level two. 

First, was Owa Coffee, a collaboration between the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and Coffee and Primate Conservation Project, an Indonesian gibbon conservation initiative.

Working with farmers in Java, Indonesia, their coffee beans are grown under the natural shade of trees without destroying the forest, which helps to preserve the habitats of endangered species like the Silvery Gibbon. 

With up to 80% of proceeds going back to fund conservation efforts, this is one brew that will make you feel like you’re giving back to nature.

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

The second was Perk, an online coffee subscription service that promises to deliver to your doorstep, coffee beans roasted within 24 hours.  

Founded by Australian Paul Berthelsen and his wife Serena, Perk’s No.1 recommended blend is the Aramo, which strangely smelled like strawberry jam. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

What caught my eye though, was an all-in-one coffee brewing device called the Cafflano, which allows you to grind and brew your coffee on-the-go. 


Third, was a brew that looked uncannily like an enticing pint of Guinness.

Serving Dutch coffee (a brewing method using ice cold water dripped over coffee grinds), Boyle’s Coffee is a intoxicating blend of beans sourced from Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia and Kenya. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

What’s interesting, according to assistant manager of UTB Coffee Jeeah Ryu, is the compact silver canister (pictured above), that blends coffee with nitrogen, which is said to produce a creamier texture. 

I agree. #scienceftw

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

Then there is Grounded Pleasures, a booth proving that there’s something at a coffee event even for non-coffee drinkers.

According to “Chocoholic” (it’s on his name card) Alan Wee, the seven spice chai (pictured below) is the one you should go for at his booth. 

“Blending seven spices in a way that is not overwhelming is a big logistical challenge,” he told Business Insider. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

If you’re not a big fan of strong-tasting spices though, stick to the chocolate flavour like I did. It’s definitely a step up from the chocolate milk sitting in my fridge. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

Moving on to the level one, one of the first stores to catch my attention was the beautifully lit up exhibit at Hook Coffee.

Also present at last year’s Coffee Festival, co-founders Faye Sit and Ernest Ting told us that they have even more to offer this time with an eye-catching display and a station where you can try your hand at making your own brew. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

According to Ms Sit, this year’s offerings “features different national flavours related to desserts or fruits”. 

And with creative names such as “Shake Your Bun Bun” (inspired by toasted cinnamon buns) and “Give me S’mores” (inspired by hot chocolate and marshmallows), trust us, you won’t want to miss these. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

If you’re interested in the work that goes into making a cup of coffee, you won’t want to skip the collaboration between Foreword Coffee and Really Really Fresh Coffee (RRFC). 

They roast coffee beans on the spot every 15 minutes, so drop by their booth to catch the action before the freshly prepared beans go into your drink. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

What’s also on show, is an early prototype of a DIY roaster they’re planning to launch by the end of this year, according to RRFC owner Raymond Lay.

Made of sustainable material sourced from Bali, the handy device aims to fulfill its creator’s goal of preparing the freshest coffee “from roast to grind within 72 hours”. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

We’ve saved the best for last, because I was sorely impressed by the cup of Jo prepared by the baristas behind local start-up Medano Coffee

The brains behind this delectable brew is none other than co-founders Ng Wee Hao and Christopher Chien, who serves up coffee with a local twist. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee

I tried the Mandheling coffee, which was infused with coconut milk, and was blown away by the subtle hint of gula melaka in my cuppa. 

If you’re a staunch coffee purist, you might not appreciate it as much as I did, but after the entire afternoon of downing coffee, this surprise on my taste buds was just what I needed. 

Business Insider/ Joey Lee