Singapore could be the evil team that steals all Malaysian food, says creator of unofficial Pokemon game based on M’sia

“This is a game based on Malaysia. The only reason Singapore should be in it is to be the evil team,” game creator Mokessh Kannah said on a livestream.
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Pokemon lovers worldwide were thrilled earlier this month when Reddit user Mokessh Kannah uploaded several images of a Malaysia-themed Pokemon map he was designing to the site, hinting it might soon become a playable game.

On an updated version of the post – which was first published two weeks ago and has since garnered 13,600 likes and hundreds of comments – Kannah, 22, said he had created the game overworld using RPG Maker XP software, combined with gameplay-altering code.


The Seremban native added on Wednesday (July 31) that he plans make the game publicly available, “but not in an obvious way”.

Other commenters on Reddit left warnings that Nintendo – which owns the copyright for the official games – might try to clamp down on Kannah’s project.

Kannah wrote on Reddit that the game overworld was currently only about 35 per cent complete.

He revealed in a livesteam on Thursday (Aug 1) that he had already planned out which cities in Malaysia he would base the game’s design on.

Kannah’s game will feature nods to real places in Malaysia, like a monument in Seremban and ruins in Sarawak.

Among them are Genting Highlands, which will be home to a fictional volcano, Terengganu, which will be a city with homes suspended over the water, and Kota Kinabalu, where the game’s final Elite Four challenge will be located.


Upcoming features also include Pahang’s Chini Lake, Penang Bridge, and Sarawak’s many forests, which will collectively function as the game’s Safari Zone, Kannah said on the livestream.


Pokemon’s official games are known for being based off actual places, among them France, the UK, Japan, and Hawaii, with some towns and cities in the game bearing  resemblance to their real life counterparts.

Kannah said he used Adobe Photoshop to alter a downloaded map of Malaysia by coloring the terrain and adding elements from previous Pokemon games.

Kannah added that he had since received some complaints from netizens for including a volcano and ice cave on the map, as these did not exist in Malaysia – but would keep them as he needed to offer players a “diverse environment” with “all kinds of Pokemon”.


Singapore could be the evil team that steals all Malaysian food

Kannah initially said on Reddit that he might include Singapore and Brunei in future game updates, but on the livestream, revealed he planned to make Singapore the “base for the evil team” (an staple in official gameplay).

He said he was considering a “hysterical” suggestion from a fan to have the evil team’s plot center around them “stealing all Malaysian food”.

“This is a game based on Malaysia. The only reason Singapore should be in it is to be the evil team,” Kannah said on the livestream.

On Reddit, many Malaysian users offered other suggestions for the game, which included employing state anthems as game music, having the player eat durian and nasi lemak, and replacing in-game stores with mamak shops.

Other hilarious suggestions included inventing new ghost-type Pokemon based on local myths, and having non-playable characters in the map’s Sabah region end all their sentences with “bah bah bah”.

Kannah, who is currently attending university in Germany, said on Reddit he could only work on developing the game during school breaks.

He added that the final game would feature Pokemon from generations one to five – as their models and icons were “readily available” – and he was developing a feature to let Pokemon walk alongside their trainer.

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