Singapore Grand Prix: Alleged illegal track entry and bribery claim being investigated

Last weekend was an exhilarating one for Formula One fans in Singapore, as the country hosted its 10th edition of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix.

The race that saw Hamilton’s against-the-odds victory gathered a crowd of 260,400 – up 19% from last year’s total attendance.

But trouble might be brewing after the exciting weekend, as Singapore authorities are investigating a bribery allegation following a post on All Singapore Stuff, that surfaced yesterday morning (Sept 17), the Straits Times reports.

According to the report, the Facebook post shows two fans, one donning a McLaren Honda team t-shirt, posing on the race track.


It read: “3am in the morning. Bribed the security guard to let us onto the track. He not only agreed, he took the photo. Non F1 fans won’t understand this, but most of us will”.

The allegation of bribery is being taken seriously, and a Singapore Grand Prix spokesman was quoted saying: “The safety of our patrons is of utmost priority and we view the allegation of bribery seriously.”

“We are working with SRS, the appointed security agency assigned to the reported area, to investigate the claim.”

Although there have been instances of people breaching the fence surrounding the tracks of the Formula One race in the past, this may be the first bribery allegation to date.

In 2015, Yogvitam Pravin Dhokia was jailed for 6 weeks for his rash act of walking through a gap in the fence to enter the Formula One track midway through the race.