Singapore grill festival FUEGO issues refunds and apologies after visitors flamed it for poor organisation

Grill festival FUEGO is repairing relations with the public after users complained about the event.
Facebook/Guil Kahn

FUEGO Feast, “Singapore’s first grill festival”, has been forced to not only apologise, but to offer refunds to customers after it came under fire from social media users for poor organisation.

For S$90 ($66), visitors were promised unlimited servings of barbecue food over two hours. A total of 13 sessions were organised from last Friday (July 6) to Sunday.

Complaints surfaced on Saturday when some took to Facebook to say that they had to wait almost an hour for their food:

There were others who criticised FUEGO for being overpriced:

Some took photos of the small servings, while others just summarised their experience at the festival in one word:

FUEGO promptly apologised for the mistakes in its own Facebook post: “We are truly sorry about the poor experience we delivered in the last couple of sessions. We have grossly overestimated our rate of production and capability, resulting in the long wait time and insufficient food, among other things. ”

Those who had their evening “ruined” were promised refunds.

FUEGO also said that it will be making “critical changes” to its production and service plan for the Sunday sessions.

The reactions to the apology seems to be mostly positive, with some commending the organiser for its honesty and sincerity:

Unfortunately, the same issues came up again on Sunday: