Singapore has great restaurants, too bad it’s also stressful and unexciting: Time Out poll

Customers having their meals and drinks on the ground floor of Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre.
The Straits Times

Oh dear, it’s official – Singapore is one of the most unexciting cities in the world.

Not only that. It’s also a city of unhappy, sleep-deprived and stressed-out folks, a new global poll has found.

The Time Out City Life Index is the result of a survey conducted with 15,000 people from 32 cities in the world. And Singapore ranks second last, beating only Istanbul, which took the bottom spot.

According to Time Out, only 66 per cent of the 235 Singapore respondents polled said they enjoyed living here. In contrast, 89 per cent of people in 19th place Tokyo and 78 per cent of respondents in Hong Kong, which sits at 26th spot, said the same.

Chicago, named the most exciting city, also scored 89 per cent on the happiness scale, and topped the list with an overall score of 138.2, while Singapore scored just 98.7 points.

Time Out

Singapore respondents had many gripes about the Lion City, with 20 per cent citing a lack of kindness and politeness as the biggest issue.

While this is disappointing, we can’t say that it is very surprising. There is even a body – the Singapore Kindness Movement – set up to spread kindness-related values here.

Other complaints about Singapore had to do with overcrowding (19%), a lack of social integration (10%) and insufficient support for the elderly (9%), Time Out said.

The online lifestyle magazine also said that 55 per cent of Singapore respondents reported feeling stressed in a 24-hour period.

That’s not all. A whopping 43 per cent also felt lonely while 35 per cent were sleep-deprived.

Many participants in Singapore were also bored and unentertained, with only 17 per cent saying that they always had something to see and do in the art and culture scene.

Despite that, a huge 92 per cent majority positively rated Singapore’s dining and drinking scene. Of these people, 42 per cent praised the city for “amazing” food and “unbeatable quality and choice”, Time Out said.

Time Out