Singapore has the world’s worst annual leave – and it could actually be shortening people’s lives

Singaporeans have the world’s least holiday leave, which researchers say could be lowing citizens’ life expectancy.

If you’ve ever felt you’re practically working till you die, you might be right – according to science.

A recent research report from online home rental company Spotahome ranked 89 global cities by key health factors such as life expectancy, work life balance, and days of annual leave.

And while Singapore came out as the city with the world’s second highest life expectancy, researchers explained that it lost the top spot to Tokyo solely because of its poor annual leave numbers.

The country came in dead last out of 89 cities for vacation leave, meaning people from every other city – including Hong Kong, New York and Seoul – had more vacation days on average.

While statistics were generally taken from the UBS Global Cities Ranking 2018, a spokesman explained to Business Insider that Spotahome used Singapore’s state-mandated 7 days minimum annual leave as its data point.

The researchers acknowledged that Singaporeans get between 7 to 14 days annual leave – depending on an employee’s years of experience – but this number was still “low compared to other countries” and could have a “negative impact on overall life expectancy”.

The highest scorer for annual leave was the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, with 37 vacation days.