Singapore is 10th most-visited destination for travellers on Twitter – chilli crab and chicken rice seem to be the reason why

The top reason that attracts travellers to Singapore is good local food.
Singapore Press Holdings

Singaporeans love their chilli crab, laksa and chicken rice. And now, apparently, so do visitors from all around the world.

A recent survey – with 7,500 Twitter users across 13 countries – conducted by social media giant Twitter found that around 25 per cent of travellers who use Twitter have been to Singapore.

Singapore was ranked 10th amongst the most visited countries in the world.

Out of the top 10 countries that Twitter users have visited, four are Asian – Thailand at third place; China Mainland at fifth; Japan at ninth and Singapore at 10th. This, Twitter said, shows that Asia is rising in prominence in the travel and tourism space.

The US and UK took the top two spots on the ranking.

And the top reason that attracted these tourists to Singapore? Good local food, of course.

“Good food, wine, local cuisine and produce” is the top reason why tourists visited (34 per cent) or want to visit Singapore (27.6 per cent).

Singapore’s “good food, wine, local cuisine and produce” is the top reason why tourists visited or want to visit Singapore. This is followed by the city state’s “rich history and heritage”, and its “world class beauty and natural environments”.

The study also found that while most travellers to Singapore are from Asia, the country continues to garner interest with travellers from Europe and US.

Although only 13 per cent of travellers from the UK have visited Singapore, 32 per cent of them intend to do so.

Unsurprisingly, neighbouring Malaysia has the highest proportion of travellers that have visited Singapore, at 70 per cent.

Next was India, where 41 per cent of travellers said they had previously visited Singapore.

Only 7 per cent of travellers in US, France, Spain and Germany have visited Singapore.

Although only 13 per cent of UK travellers have visited Singapore, 32 per cent intend to visit in the future.

The survey also found that the top priority for all travellers – including those from Singapore – in choosing a holiday destination is a safe and secure destination.

Travellers in Singapore are mostly attracted to safe and secure destinations.

Travellers in Singapore are also mostly attracted to destinations that “offer value for money”, “interesting attractions to visit”, as well as “friendly and open citizens, local hospitality”.

In fact, 31 per cent of travellers from Singapore seek out “great shopping/world class brand names” at a significantly higher proportion than the average global traveller.

While they seek interesting attractions to visit on their travels, most Singapore travellers surveyed enjoy returning to destinations they have visited before.

Only 20 per cent of travellers in Singapore indicated strong interest in visiting new destinations, which is lower than the global average of 31 per cent.