Singapore is first in Asia to have Samsung’s insane 292-inch TV – aptly named ‘The Wall Luxury’ and is more than 1/2 the length of an SBS bus

The Wall can be configured to different sizes and ratios from 146 inches in 4K resolution to 292 inches in 8K resolution.

Go big or go home seems to be the motto for Samsung this time around – because it’s releasing a TV that will literally be the size of a wall.

This gigantic configurable display will be available in South-east Asia for the first time on November 1, and Singapore will be the first to get it, Samsung announced on Thursday (Oct 24).

According to the South Korean conglomerate, The Wall Luxury will be exclusively available for private viewings at AV Intelligence at Millennia Walk.

Prices have not been made public yet.

Samsung first showed off The Wall Luxury in 2018 as a 146-inch TV, before expanding it to 219 inches early this year. But now, the hulking display will be able to go up to 292 inches or 7.4 metres long – that’s more than half the length of a typical SBS Transit bus, which measures around 11.9 to 12 metres.

And it isn’t just huge – it also sports the next big thing in display technology, microLED. Business Insider previously reported that the gigantic display is a self-emitting TV with micrometer-scale LED. These microLED are much smaller than current LED, and serve as their own source of light.

MicroLED is also the reason why The Wall Luxury can be configured to different sizes and ratios from 146 inches in 4K resolution to 292 inches in 8K resolution, Samsung said.

The company says that The Wall Luxury will also have AI upscaling technology known as Quantum Processor Flex within the display. This works to automatically enhance content to the optimum resolution according to the screen size and ratio.

Additionally, the display can hit a peak brightness of 2,000 nits (a measure for brightness) and has a 120hz video refresh rate to deliver a visual experience that is supposedly “second-to-none”.

Doesn’t need switching off

With a depth of less than 30mm, the displays are combined with customisable frames to “blend effortlessly into any environment”, Samsung said.

According to Samsung, The Wall Luxury never needs to be turned off.

Rather than becoming a giant black rectangle when its not in use, the screen can be set to display art works, photographs, or even textured material to blend in with the rest of the room.

In a previous statement, the company said that a total of seven different categories of “feature walls” are available to choose from.


Here’s the tech specifications for The Wall Luxury:


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