Singapore is the first in the world to have a trademark registration app – and it’ll take just 10mins to file an application

The new IPOS Go app will apparently cut trademark application time and filing costs.
The Straits Times

It’s no secret that businesses and entrepreneurs love Singapore for its strong intellectual property regime. Now, the republic is giving them more reasons to like it even more.

A new mobile app touted as the world’s first trademark registration mobile app will allow businesses and entrepreneurs to file their trademarks directly with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) on their mobile devices.

Named IPOS Go, the app has a “simplified user interface and features” that will allow for a faster and easier application process, IPOS said.

With the app, a trademark can be filed in less than 10 minutes, a small fraction of the current 45 to 60 minutes IPOS said.

“Filing costs will also be significantly reduced as applicants may feel more confident in filing their applications directly with IPOS,” the authority said.

IPOS Go on Google Play

Available on the Apple App store and Google Play, the app will also allow applicants to track their registration status, be notified of important updates, as well as file for trademark renewals.

IPOS Go also uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help prevent applicants from filing for trademarks that are too similar to existing ones. IPOS said that more than 40 per cent of trademarks filed in the world today contain images.

“As the world continues to see a surge in trademarks filings, the new AI capability will help business owners better manage their brands,” it said.

According to IPOS, trademark applications in Singapore have increased by 30 per cent over the last five years.

In March, IPOS clinched second place behind the EU in a global ranking of the world’s most innovative IP offices. The World Trademark Review (WTR) said then that the office “has a strong focus on providing education and support in business development”.