Singapore is the most sustainable Asian city, 4th in the world: Arcadis

A recently published index attributed Singapore’s high score in the Profit sub-index to its Smart Nation vision.
Singapore Press Holdings

Singapore has topped the charts yet again.

This time, it has been ranked the most sustainable city in Asia, and fourth in the world, according to the Asia Sustainable Cities Index 2018 by Arcadis.

European cities dominate the top of the index, and only three Asian cities made it to the top 20 – the other two being Hong Kong in 9th place and Seoul in 13th.

The index scored countries on three sub-indices – People, Planet and Profit.

Singapore had the highest global score in the Profit sub-index for high levels of economic output.

Singapore’s ringing in at first place of the Profit sub-index is thanks to its Smart Nation vision, said the report.

Its core enabler, Arcadis said, is connectivity, be that mobile, internet speed or broadband.

“With the right digital infrastructure in place, Singapore is well-positioned to embrace digital transformation and the rise of digital economy,” the study said.

On top of that, the study attributed Singapore’s top position in the Profit sub-index to a high employment rate and attractive financial environment for investors.

But of course, nothing is perfect.

The index also said that developed, land-scarce cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong face a common challenge – housing affordability.

However, it noted that the Singapore government is addressing this issue by implementing cooling measures, which “began to have an impact”.

Affordability “should further improve in the foreseeable future,” it added.

Singapore also scored second highest among Asian countries in the Planet sub-index, after Seoul.

Not only is Singapore at the forefront of electric vehicle incentives and urban cycling, it also enjoys cleaner air and access to clean water. Most other Asian cities scored at the lower quartile of the Planet sub-index.

Tim Risbridger, Singapore Country Head said: “The government’s effort in tackling environmental challenges are proving effective, improving Singapore’s water quality, air quality and, essentially, livability.”