Singapore’s millennials prefer Airbnb but will splurge on luxury hotels – here are some other things they’re willing to pay for when on holiday

A new holiday trend has travellers merging budget trips with luxury ones. Despite a tight budget, they pick one or two experiences to splurge on, and save on other aspects of the trip.
The Straits Times

Here’s a new way millennials are travelling: splurget-ly.

The term, coined by travel website Skyscanner, describes a new holiday trend where travellers on a budget trip choose one or two luxury activities they’re willing to splurge on.

The company surveyed over 500 millennials aged 18 to 34 in Singapore to find out their travel preferences, and about 80 per cent said they would preferred splurget travel over an entirely low-budget holiday.

Here’s what they’re willing to save vs splurge on:


#1: Flight tickets


One third of respondents said they would save on flights, including choosing budget airlines, picking red-eye flights, or accepting multiple stopovers to save cash.

#2: Accommodation


About one quarter of respondents would save on accommodation costs. Instead of choosing typical hotels, they opted to stay in hostels or Airbnb rooms and houses. Alternatively, they would try to score cheap hotel deals instead of paying full price.

#3: Shopping


Just 12 per cent of respondents said they were looking to buy luxury items when overseas. Fifteen per cent even said they would not buy souvenirs, opting to take pictures as a way to remember the trip.



#1: Experiences


It’s true that millennials prefer experiences over owning things – one quarter of respondents agreed that they were willing to splurge on unique experiences like spa trips or private tours as a way to experience the country they’re travelling in.

#2: Food


One quarter of respondents would save their splurging for exquisite meals, such as dining at Michelin-star restaurants.

#3: Luxury Hotels


While in general, respondents would save money on a typical hotel, an exception was made for luxury hotels. One fifth of respondents agreed that they were willing to splurge on fancy rooms to get a memorable night’s sleep.