Singapore professionals more likely to switch jobs in under a year than workers elsewhere: LinkedIn report

  • 34% of Singapore respondents have no intention of staying with their company for more than a year.
  • Those who plan to stay with their current employer for several years stated their top reason: The opportunity to challenge themselves and improve their skills.
  • Nearly 20% say they are uncertain about their intentions to stay in their existing role.
  • 42% said they are extremely interested to hear about job opportunities elsewhere – the highest rate among all other regional countries.
  • 54% are motivated to explore a new career opportunity with the prospect of a higher salary.

There is no denying that job-hopping is popular among millennials.

You’ve probably heard a colleague or friend lament how it’s time to move on to greener pastures not long after they’ve joined a company.

Or perhaps how they’ll be willing to leave their current employer and take on a new job if it pays well?

Well, now we have the statistics to back up those coffee break conversations.

According to LinkedIn’s inaugural global Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate report released this week, 34% of Singapore professionals have no intention of staying with their current employers for more than a year.

This is considerably higher than the global average of 26%.

With 20% saying that they are uncertain about their intentions to stay in their existing role, and 42% keen to hear about job opportunities, Singaporeans are some of the most fickle workers in the region, the data divulges.

The survey was conducted with 14,000 global professionals to find out the attitudes and habits of job-seekers to help HR, talent acquisition and business leaders, looking to grow their talent pool.

Personal interests are just as important as money

According to the study, while the workforce in Malaysia (72%) and Indonesia (73%) is driven by monetary compensation, Singaporeans care just as much about how their workplace values are aligned with their own.

53% of Singaporeans said they would consider a new career opportunity if there was a better match between their personal values and the company’s values, proving that salary is not the single biggest consideration for them to consider a change.

A need for growth opportunities

Work-life balance, confidence in the company’s future, and the opportunity to improve their skills and challenge themselves were the primary reasons for the Singaporeans who wanted to stay in their current place of employment.

“People often move to seek greener pastures when they feel stagnated at a workplace, or have unmet expectations”, says Feon Ang, vice-president of Talent and Learning Solutions, Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn.