Singapore chefs were among the first in the world to ask Impossible Foods for its meatless meat

One of the first chefs in Singapore to email Impossible Foods about its plant-based patty was chef Adam Penney of burger joint Potato Head Singapore, who said he was intrigued by the “incredible” concept.
Impossible Foods

The meatless meat patties from US-based producer Impossible Foods may have just landed in Singapore, but local chefs have been salivating over them since years ago.

In an interview with Business Insider, Impossible Foods senior vice president Nick Halla said chefs from Singapore were among the first people in the world to show interest in the company’s now-famous plant-based “beef” patty, which it spent eight years developing.

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Impossible Foods was founded by Pat Brown, who hired Halla as the company’s first-ever employee in 2011.

For the first few years of its existence, the company kept “relatively quiet” as it researched its plant-based patty, Halla said. But in 2014, within the first week of it “talking about what (it) was doing”, emails from chefs in Singapore started rolling in, including chefs from prominent hotels.

This was even before the patty made its debut in the US two years ago, Halla added.

“Some of the first-ever reach-outs we had were from Singapore – businesses and consumers were approaching us about the product”, he said.

One of these emails was from chef Adam Penney of burger joint Potato Head Singapore. Penney, who has worked under Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsey, told Business Insider that he go in touch with Impossible Foods because their concept “sounded incredible” and he was intrigued to try the patties.

Today, Potato Head Singapore is one of the eight restaurants here offering dishes made using Impossible Foods’ patties, which mimic the taste and texture of 80/20 ground beef (beef with 80 per cent lean meat and 20 per cent fat).

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The brand officially launched in Singapore on Thursday (Mar 7), following its entry into Hong Kong last year. It expects to expand quickly in Singapore, Halla said, adding that in fact, many eateries here had been waiting for it to arrive.

The company plans to announce a slew of partnerships with hotels next, as well as add dozens of new eateries to its client list every month, ending the year with at least 50 restaurant partners.

In all – by Halla’s admission – Singapore has been extremely receptive and highly accepting of the product.

Singaporeans and local businesses understand the long-term importance of the brand’s meatless patties (which it claims are far less polluting to produce than meat) in creating a sustainable food source for future generations, Halla said.

He added: “I think Singapore is a very forward-thinking nation. The conversations that we’ve had here are all positive.”

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