Singapore singer JJ Lin was among the few invited to Apple’s launch event – here’s what his videos revealed about the new HQ

JJ Lin seen speaking to Tim Cook at the Apple HQ on Sept 12.
JJ Lin’s Instagram account

From California to Taipei, the Apple launch on Sept 12 is all anybody can talk about today.

Apart from the three new iPhones, a 4K Apple TV and the Apple Watch Series 3, the tech company also took the chance to introduce its new Apple Park headquarters to the world – and one of those lucky people is Singaporean singer JJ Lin.

Thanks to the 36-year-old songwriter, we were able to tour the campus from his perspective.

Lin, who is fluent in both Mandarin and English, broadcast his entire experience live on his Facebook page.

Here’s what his videos revealed:

The videos show the campus from the moment he arrived, up to the part where the new gadgets were introduced in an auditorium.

JJ Lin started the video recording as soon as he arrived at Apple Park.

Dressed in a suit and tie, Lin held the camera as he walked up a spacious pathway surrounded by trees to the Steve Jobs Theatre.

The circular, glass-walled building situated at the top of a hill cost $14 million to build and features an underground theater dedicated to Apple’s legendary founder.

A guide can be heard telling Lin that the entire area is powered by 100% renewable energy.

According to reports, Apple’s headquarters sits on 175 acres of land and has over 9,000 trees.

    It also has a retail store and a visitor center which provides an augmented-reality experience for guests to learn more about Apple Park.

As Lin walked up the slope, many Apple employees could be heard greeting guests cheerfully.

Just as he approaches the theatre, the Apple “spaceship” comes into view, and a guide tells him that he’s looking at “the ring”.

After he enters the glass circle, he walks down a large flight of steps before coming to the auditorium where the event is held.

The words “Steve Jobs Theatre” are engraved on a sombre grey wall right in front of the entrance.

JJ Lin smiles upon seeing the Steve Jobs Theatre.

Later on, Lin also posted a video showing his conversation with Cook. They appear to be talking about the design of the theatre building.

Lin is known to have close ties with Apple, and it is not the first time he has been given an exclusive meeting with Cook.

In May last year, he posted a video of himself and Cook promoting Apple’s GarageBand music creation app.

You can watch JJ Lin’s Facebook Live videos from the Apple launch here: