Singapore singer plans to sue after his baby suffers burns from fallen light cover at Louis Vuitton boutique in KL

Malaysia-based Singaporean singer Harris Baba is planning to sue the management of a Louis Vuitton boutique in Kuala Lumpur, after a ceiling light cover fell on his 8-month-old daughter.

Harris posted multiple photos and said in his Instagram posts earlier this week that the hot light cover at The Gardens Mall shop had burned his daughter on her face and hands.

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“The wound will take months to heal and we will have to send her for laser afterwards to remove the scar. We take care of Aleena so well but due to other people’s negligence and mistake, Aleena had to pay the price,” he wrote.

He added that he was thankful she had suffered nothing more serious than second-degree burns.

“Her marks can still heal and disappear. (It’s) just (going to) take some time,” he said.

Harris also said that he had made a police report and is planning to engage “a really good lawyer to sue and fine the boutique”.

In an update later, he said it was disappointing to learn that some members of the public have accused him of seeking legal action for the sake of money.

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He refuted those claims saying that he was suing to ensure the boutique takes necessary steps to ensure “this accident doesn’t ever happen again to someone else’s son or daughter or to anyone”.

He wrote: “As a father i cant (bear) to see my eight-and-a-half-month-old baby girl like this in such a situation. How do you expect me to forgive and forget so easily. (You) expect me to forgive them and walk out of the boutique with a smile on my face knowing that my daughter has suffered from a second degree superficial (burns) on her face and both her hands?”

“I just pray (you) never face the same situation as me or my daughter. I’m doing this for my Baby Aleena,” he wrote.