What do Singapore’s young generation travellers regret most? Missing trip opportunities and lack of adventure

Millennial and Generation Z Singaporean travellers regret not being more adventurous on their journeys abroad.

Singaporeans may be forgiven for finding it difficult to swallow regret over missed travel opportunities especially given the fact they are considered one of the most well-travelled citizens in the world.

But a recent study has shown that such disappointment has become particularly rampant among the younger generation of Singaporeans.

Research conducted by travel e-commerce company Booking.com revealed that a surprising 77% of Singaporean travellers have expressed regret over missed travel opportunities, with a significant portion of the group from the millennial and Generation Z demographic.

The study involved a survey which polled 20,500 respondents from 28 countries – more than 500 were Singaporeans. It was conducted among adults who have taken a trip in the last 12 months or plan to do so within the same period of time, starting from March 2018.

According to Booking.com, the most prominent reasons why Singaporeans feel regret include not travelling more often (45%), not experiencing more of the countries travelled to (42%), not journeying more in their youth (34%) and lacking adventurous travel (28%).

Other causes for dismay include missing out on ventures to distant destinations (22%) and remote locations (21%).

A noticeably larger proportion of Singaporean millennials regret not being more adventurous (39%) and many from Generation Z regret not going to more far-flung destinations (36%).

Moreover, 35% of young travellers, specifically those aged 18 to 24, have also been upset over failure to capture more photos to commemorate their trips. This figure was only 22% for the overall number of Singaporean travellers.

Such a sense of regret, said Booking.com, primarily stems from perceived barriers around language, expense, directions and safety in the unknown.

There is hope nonetheless for young adventurers as research findings have shown that Generation Z are the most willing to tackle travel anxieties with 57% of 18 to 24-year-olds overcoming their worries about journeying to new destinations.

The positive mindset changes have encouraged more than half (51%) to travel more extensively in the future, giving increased confidence in life (46%) and a sense of personal achievement (45%).

A majority of young travellers (71%) said that going on vacation had led to significant life changes and over a quarter (26%) have discovered their purpose or passion in life after going overseas.

Health benefits may also prove to be potential motivations for young Singaporeans to explore foreign lands as 45% said travelling had a positive effect on their mental well-being, with 27% deciding to improve their physical health with future trips.