Singapore Zoo welcomes new butterflies to its ‘Fragile Forest’, including an extinct species

Singapore Zoo’s “Fragile Forest” now has a new butterfly aviary.
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Singapore Zoo’s “Fragile Forest” – a 20,000 cubic metre biodome that mimics a tropical rainforest habitat – has added a new butterfly aviary with a whole bunch of new unique butterflies, the Wildlife Reserves Singapore announced on Monday (June 18).

There are eleven species, eight of which are native to Singapore.

These butterflies, which include the Plain Tiger, Common Mormon, Great Eggfly and Autumn Leaf species, can be seen flying around freely and eating off feeders.

A young child looks at the new butterflies eating off a feeder.
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Also at the aviary is the Clipper species, which is now extinct in Singapore. Its chrysalises can also be explored at the aviary.

A look at the Clipper butterfly, which is now extinct in Singapore, but can be found at the new aviary.
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Chrysalises of the Clipper butterfly can also be seen.
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

While there is a chance that the butterflies could land on visitors, they are encouraged not to reach out and touch them as improper handling may cause harm, the Wildlife Reserves Singapore said.