Singaporeans admit to booking their trips while on the toilet or on the road

It’s a known fact that millennials love to travel but now there’s fresh data that shows that they’re booking their trips from just about anywhere and everywhere.

A recent survey released by international travel search engine Kayak revealed that 39% of Singaporeans book their travels when they’re at the office, while 38% do so on their mobile phones before sleeping.

But it doesn’t just stop there, with 18% admitting that they make their bookings while on the toilet.

We guess that can count that as making good use of their “free time”, but it might be a little less sanitary than ideal.

And then there’s the 31% of Singaporeans who have searched or even booked their next trips while on the road.

The ‘Travel Addicts’ survey polled 2,100 respondents, between the ages of 21 and 45, across seven Asia Pacific markets including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

In a  statement, Ms Amy Wei, senior director, APAC of Kayak said: “We see that people aren’t just physically travelling more, they are also thinking about travel more often”.

“Travel searching and booking behaviours can take place literally anywhere and at any moment”. 

When asked about the deal breakers when planning a trip, Singaporean travellers ranked cost (56%) and a safe environment (56%) as their top considerations.

Not wanting to miss out on the best deals, 56% of Singaporean travellers check hotel and flight prices every day, while 49% open multiple browsers and websites to compare prices – with 53% opening four or more websites at a time.

In fact, 31% of them having gone as far as cancelling and re-booking the same hotel on the same site when a cheaper price appeared.