Singaporeans are becoming couch potatoes for online video content, spending an average of 2hrs 35mins binge-watching each time

Singaporeans spend seven hours and 37 minutes each week watching online videos, well above the global average.
The Straits Times

Singaporeans are spending way more time watching videos online than the global average, a new study has found.

According to content delivery and edge cloud service provider Limelight Networks, Singaporeans have been found to spend an average of two hours and 35 minutes watching videos each time.

They are also clocking in seven hours and 37 minutes of online video time each week, Limelight said in a report. That is well above the global average of six hours and 48 minutes, it said in a report released on Tuesday (Oct 29).

Globally, average viewing time has grown 59 per cent since 2016, while binge-watching jumped 18 per cent from last year to hit an average of two hours and 40 minutes per session.

According to Limelight, Americans are the biggest binge-watchers, with sessions averaging over three hours each sitting.

The report was based on a survey of 4,500 consumers from nine countries – including Singapore, US and UK – who watched one hour or more of video content each week. About 500 respondents were from Singapore.

The average viewing time for people worldwide has been increasing steadily each year.
Limelight Networks

In addition to time spent watching, the report also showed that Singaporeans are consuming more online video services.

According to the American company, over 60 per cent of Singaporeans subscribe to at least one streaming service, a 12 per cent increase from 2018.

Nearly three in four Singaporeans (72 per cent) now use dedicated streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV as compared to 67 per cent in 2018.

Smartphones are the dominating viewing device

Gone are the days when people would watch shows on their desktops, because smartphones now trump computers as the preferred device Singaporeans use to watch online videos, the report said. This is in line with the global shift that occurred only in the last year, it said.

A chart showing the global shift towards smartphones that occurred in the last three years.
Limelight Networks

Globally, younger age groups also tend to watch more video on their smartphones, compared to the elder groups.

The global online video viewing sorted by age.
Limelight Networks

Singaporeans love to stream sports, but hate the delays

Singaporeans spent the most amount of time watching movies, TV shows and news, Limelight said.

Singaporeans spent an average of 2 hours and 1 minute watching movies per week.
Limelight Networks

According to Limelight, Singaporeans also spend considerable time streaming sports content, with each person spending around 1 hour and 11 minutes watching such content per week. However, latency frustation remains a significant cause for concern for viewers and streaming providers alike, Limelight said.

More than half of Singaporeans (55 per cent) surveyed said that they were more likely to watch live sports online if the stream was not delayed, as traditional online streams have delays of 30 seconds and more.

“With the rise of social media usage, every second of delay can potentially ruin the game when online viewers learn about big plays from social media before seeing the action online,” said Edwin Koh, Limelight Networks’ director of South-east Asia.

“Especially in the upcoming 2019 Southeast Asian Games, the pressure is on for streaming providers to invest in video enabled edge services that deliver seamless user experiences in real-time,” he added.

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