Singaporeans fork out an average of about $300 on Christmas gifts each year; men spend 18% more than women: Survey

Christmas is a time of festivities and merry-making but it is also a time of the year when shopping for presents goes into full swing.

A recent poll conducted on 1,000 respondents in Singapore showed that on average, Singaporeans spend about S$388 ($288.70) on gifts each year.

What’s surprising is that respondents spend 18% more than females, despite both genders giving the same number of presents.

The poll was conducted by for a British Airways survey. Its findings were released on Friday (Dec 22).

House parties and home visits are also a big thing here with nearly half of respondents saying they would typically visit at least four or more friends and relatives during the month of December.

But when it came spending for social gatherings, it’s respondents aged 55 and above who fork out the most ($288) during the season while respondents aged between 18 and 24 are less likely to spend more than S$180.

More than half of the respondents said they would stay home in December while 35% said they would prefer to spend Christmas Day outside of Singapore. Meanwhile, eight out of 10 said they would like to be somewhere cold.

So where are Singaporeans going to this season?

Their top three destinations are Japan (30%), Australia (nearly 30%) and the United Kingdom (25%), while the United States and Switzerland followed closely, according to the survey.

And if you don’t receive Christmas cards anymore that’s because just over a quarter of Singaporeans still send more than 10 cards every Christmas.