Singaporeans get about 7 hours of sleep a day – and millennials go to bed at 12.30am, study finds

Singaporeans’ earliest average bedtime was 11.33pm, and the latest was 12.33am.
The Straits Times

Singapore is once again among the world’s most sleep deprived countries, ranking third in a study of sleep patterns of Fitbit users worldwide.

The fitness-tracking specialist revealed that it had collected anonymous sleep data of users in 18 selected countries between August 2018 and July 2019, including over 1,000 users in Singapore.

It declined to provide the total number of users it had taken data from for the study, but said it had over 27 million active users across 100 countries.

With users here getting just 7 hours and 5 minutes of shut-eye a night, Singapore came in among the bottom three countries in terms of total sleep, beaten only by India (7 hours 1 minute) and Japan (6 hours 47 minutes).

In contrast, Fitbit users in Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia got the most sleep each night, with the Irish enjoying the most Z’s at 7 hours 57 minutes.

Apart from having the least nightly sleep, users in Singapore and Hong Kong also tied for third place for the least amount of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep: 1 hour 20 minutes, beaten only by Japan and India.

REM sleep, which is a stage of sleep characterised by intense dreams, is responsible for the regulation of memories and emotions.

Singaporeans’ earliest average bedtime? 11.33pm 

Among Singapore users, younger respondents generally went to bed later and got more sleep, while older respondents had earlier bedtimes but woke up much earlier too.

Younger Fitbit users aged between 18 and 25 went to bed the latest – 12.33am – and got 7 hours 27 minutes of sleep per night on average, waking up at 8am on average.

This put them among the latest sleepers in their age group across the 18 countries, together with users from Hong Kong, Japan, India, Chile, Argentina, and Spain.

If a user is exactly 25 years, then they fall under the 18 to 25 age group. If they are 25 years and 1 day old, they fall under 25 to 35 group, Fitbit said.

Meanwhile, older millennials here aged 25 to 35 slept at 12.28am and scored 7 hours 12 minutes of rest, Fitbit said.

Those aged 35 to 55 slept at 12.04am and got 7 hours and 1 minute of sleep, while those aged 55 to 75 slept at 11.52pm and slept 6 hours and 53 minutes.

Those aged 75 to 90 had the earliest bedtime – 11.33pm – and slept for 6 hours and 57 minutes. They also woke up the earliest, at 6.30am.

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