Singaporeans spent 2 million hours watching CNY-related videos on YouTube last year, Google says

The topics that saw a big jump in watch time were astrology and beauty-related videos, as well as Chinese music videos.

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Singaporeans spent 2 million hours last year watching Chinese New Year content on YouTube, according to statistics released by Google on Wednesday (Jan 9).

The company tracked CNY-related searches on Google and YouTube for a five week period leading up to the festival, from Dec 18, 2017 to Jan 29, 2018.

Watching videos was a “communal activity among family and friends”, with the watch time for astrology-related content (such as zodiac predictions) 51 per cent higher last year compared to 2017.

Watch time for Chinese music videos also increased by 16 per cent for the same time frame, Google said.

In addition, searches for beauty tutorials like nail and hair care were trending on YouTube the week before CNY. Last year, the duration Singaporeans spent watching videos on these topics was 42 and 32 per cent higher respectively compared to 2017.

Apart from videos, Singaporeans also used the search engine to buy new clothes, with a 45 per cent increase in the number of searches for e-commerce clothing brands in the week leading up to CNY.

“House visits make a huge part of the New Year festivities, and Singaporeans want to look their best,” Google said in a statement.

Another key category Singaporeans searched for before CNY was supermarket discounts. Searches for this topic doubled last year compared to 2017, while recipes and cooking tricks saw a 30 per cent increase in searches.

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