Singapore’s 4G networks have the lowest latency in the world, and the best video experience in APAC: Study

The Opensignal study found that out of 87 countries, only 13 of them obtained a latency score of under 40 milliseconds.
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Streaming your Netflix movies seamlessly? That’s partly because 4G networks in Singapore have the lowest latency in the world, a study has found.

Conducted by UK tech company Opensignal, the study conducted from January to March found that out of 87 countries in the world, only 13 had a latency score of under 40 milliseconds (ms).

None recorded a latency of under 30ms.

However, Singapore came tremendously close and topped the global ranking with a latency of 30.7ms.

Hungary and Czech Republic followed behind Singapore in second and third place with a latency of 33.4ms and 33.7ms respectively.

In comparison, Singapore’s neighbour, Malaysia, had a latency experience of 51.4ms.

The study released on Friday (May 31) also revealed that Europe dominated the latency rankings with six of its countries in the top 10.

Despite none of the countries breaking the latency experience milestone of 30ms, the possibility of achieiving the standard could become a reality with 5G as its designers are already looking towards “much improved latency as one of their goals”, Opensignal said.

South Korea has best download speeds

When it came to download speeds, Singapore came in at fifth place with a speed of 39.3mpbs, the second highest in the Asia Pacific region.

Unsurprisingly, South Korea was unrivaled in the category of download speeds, and was the only country to have a download speed above 50mbps. Norway and Canada trailed behind with a speed of 48.2mpbs, followed by Canada at 42.5mbps.

Malaysia did not fare well, with its download speed recorded at 11.5mbps.

However, when upload speeds were measured, South Korea fell from the top spot to second place with a speed of 15.1mbps. Denmark – at eighth place for download speed – took first place for an upload speed of 15.3mbps.

Singapore was ranked fourth with an upload speed of 12.9mbps, behind Norway with a speed of 14.5mbps (third place).

Best video experience in Asia Pacific

The study also scored countries for their 4G video experiences, where none of the countries scored above 75 over a total of 100. Norway topped the rankings with a score of 74.7, followed closely by Hungary with a score of 74.2.

Despite being in ninth place, Singapore was the first country in the Asia Pacific region to make it onto this list with a “very good” rating of 70.3. Other countries in the Asia Pacific on the list were Taiwan (69.4), Australia (68.5), Japan (67.3), and South Korea (65.6).


Singapore falls from top 10 in 4G availability

Despite appearing in the top 10 for all the other categories, Singapore unfortunately was not one of the top ranked countries for 4G network availability. Ranked 14th, Singapore was given a score of 90.2 per cent.

Again, South Korea reigned with a 4G availability score of 97.5 per cent, followed by Japan with a score of 96.3 per cent.

The US, which did not stand out in other categories, placed third for its 4G availability and scored 90.3 per cent.

Malaysia came in at 42nd with a score of 79.6 per cent.


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