Singapore’s Creative wins $36m damages in case against Huawei

Source: The Business Times

Following its prior legal triumphs against technology giant Apple, soundcard maker Creative Technology emerged victorious yet again – this time, against China’s Huawei.

According to The Straits Times, the Chinese tech giant was ordered to pay $9.3 million and S$15.6 million with interest, totalling S$36 million.

The Singapore tech firm took Huawei to court with allegations of misrepresentation and breach of contract, after Creative invested more than S$30 million into the failed creation of a wireless broadband network, The Straits Times reported.

Following the forced abandonment of the project, the soundcard maker sought to recover its “wasted investment”.

The partnership was formed in 2009, following Huawei’s response to a tender made by Creative back in 2009. The tender called for the establishment of the network through the use of WiMax, a 4G technology for high-speed mobile connectivity.

However, Huawei did not meet the requirement of providing coverage across 225 base stations nationwide on a budget of $20 million.

As such, the Singapore High Court found Huawei “liable for misrepresentation and was grossly negligent”.

Huawei’s counterclaim was also dismissed, with the costs of proceedings awarded to Creative and QMax.

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