Singapore’s electoral boundaries committee formed ahead of next general election

A map of the elections constituencies in the previous 2015 general election.
Yudhishthra Nathan/Google My Maps

Is a general election on the horizon?

The Elections Department – which is part of the Prime Minister’s Office – announced in a statement on Wednesday (Sept 4) that PM Lee Hsien Loong had formed the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee to review the boundaries of current electoral divisions.

This is typically the first step leading to a general election – which for Singapore must occur by April 2021.

The statement added that due to population shifts and housing development, there had been “significant changes” in the number of electors in current constituencies.

The revised boundaries will help reduce the average Group Representation Constituency (GRC) size and increase the number of Single Member Constituencies (SMC) from the current 13, it added.

According to a Straits Times (ST) report, the size of GRCs has steadily fallen from five in 2011 to 4.75 in 2015, following complaints that large ones made it difficult for opposition parties to field the required candidates for a team.

The Committee, which is chaired by the Secretary to the Prime Minister, will make its recommendations to the PM when it completes its review.

Political parties typically wait for the Electoral Boundaries report to be released before firming up their slate of candidates, ST said.

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