Singapore’s tax authority is warning people against clicking on a ‘tax refund’ email that could contain viruses

Another day, another scam on the web.

This time, scammers are pretending to be from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras), and are telling potential victims that they are eligible for a tax refund.

The authority sounded the alarm on Tuesday (Sept 12) with a statement warning against opening the e-mail being circulated.

This is what the scam e-mail looks like:

A screengrab of the scam e-mail.
Iras website

In the statement, Iras said that the e-mail was titled “Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore-Refund-Online-Confirmation”.

The e-mail tells its victims to click on links to to access a tax refund form and to view their tax refunds. But Iras warned that clicking on any of these links could lead to the download of viruses.

Those who received the scam e-mail should delete it as soon as they have seen it and refrain from opening it, Iras said, adding that they should also scan their computers/mobile devices with anti-virus programmes.

Members of the public can refer to the authority’s advisory on scam & fraudulent activities for more information.

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