Singapore’s top ‘ah lian’ salesperson scores 2-year contract with entertainment company

Lerine Yeo is the talk of the town as her Facebook live-stream goes viral.
The Straits Times

Move over Michelle Chong – Singapore has a new favourite “ah lian”.

Thanks to the internet, Singapore’s top “ah lian” salesperson has made it and is now officially setting foot in the local entertainment industry.

Last month, Lerine Yeo took the internet by storm with her hilarious sales pitch to promote a “holey” black blouse on Facebook Live.

A snippet of Yeo’s Facebook live-stream that went viral.
Facebook / Joanne Ng

Her quirky sales pitch, which involved hooking umbrellas and packets of tea to a shirt, not only fuelled the sale of all 100 pieces in 15 minutes, it also brought instant fame as the video went on to garner more than two million views.

In an interview with The Straits Times, Yeo revealed that it all stemmed from a mistake.

She told ST that while recording a live video on her Misshopper Boutique Facebook page, she realised that she had received a wrong order of a hundred pieces of “holey” black blouses. But given that more than 1,000 viewers were already watching her live-stream, she had to improvise to sell those black blouses.

The metal rings on the black blouses reminded her of the holes in her storeroom shelves, where she had attached S-hooks to hang things. And so, that became her sales pitch.

Yeo’s viral video even sparked a new IKEA advertisement for the Swedish brand’s S-hooks.

IKEA even replied to social media users in ‘ah lian’ style when they left comments referencing Yeo’s viral videos.

Since then, the 30-year-old has attracted the attention of thousands of Singaporeans, and according to Shin Min Daily News, she has even signed a two-year contract with Mark Lee’s artiste management company.

A veteran TV host in Singapore, Lee said he found Yeo witty and funny, and he likes how she switches from speaking Mandarin to Singlish and Hokkien.

He added that she is a one-of-a-kind comedienne who reminded him of former actress Patricia Mok when she was younger.

Lee co-owns Galaxy Entertainment, a production and artist management firm, and launched King Kong Media Production in 2017.