Fake SingHealth SMS messages are being sent out – here is how to verify that the one you received is authentic

Scams and impersonaters have been plentiful ever since the SingHealth attack.
The Straits Times

SingHealth, the group of healthcare institutions that suffered from the worst cyber attack in Singapore after hackers stole the personal particulars of 1.5 million patients, has released an advisory informing the public of how they can determine if they were affected by the security breach.

SingHealth posted on Sunday (July 22) via its Facebook that an SMS will be sent to each individual informing them of whether or not they have been affected.

Unfortunately, this particular method of informing the public also brought about the emergence of numerous fake SMS messages and scams.

To verify the message, SingHealth said that its name will be reflected as the sender, and that it will not require credit card or other financial information: “Check that the SMS is from ‘SingHealth’ and that when you ‘click’, it brings you to the SingHealth website.”

No calls will be made to any patients to inform them either, but rather SingHealth will notify patients by SMS or mail only, it added.

SingHealth also said that it had revised the URL sent in the SMSes to www.singhealth.com.sg/cyberattack instead of bit.ly/cyber-attack18 after receiving feedback.

Worried that you haven’t received the SMS yet?

SingHealth said SMS notifications have been sent to more than 700,000 patients so far to inform them if their data had been stolen in the cyber attack, with the remaining patients set to be informed today.

In these times of uncertainty, it is important to be aware about the precautionary matters one can take, and to find out more, you can read about it here.