Singtel’s CNY film is a tear-jerker that reminds viewers not to miss reunion dinner

Veteran actor Lim Kay Tong is the driving force of Singtel’s Chinese New Year short film entitled “Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner”.

Singtel is no stranger to releasing slick, family-oriented videos when festive periods such as Christmas and Chinese New Year roll along.

So it comes as no surprise that this year, the telco group chose yet another family theme for its 2018 Chinese New Year short film entitled “Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner”.

The film which lasts nearly six minutes, tugs at the heartstrings, powered by the acting prowess of screen veteran Lim Kay Tong, who plays a dad aptly named Mr Lim, awaiting his kids’ homecoming for the traditional reunion dinner.

As the day nears, he learns that both his son and daughter, who live and work overseas, aren’t able to make it home for the dinner, which is typically a special night for all Chinese families.

On a phone call, his son says he has work to finish over the festive period, while on another call, his daughter tells him that she has plans to take her young son, Aaron, to Tokyo Disneyland.

He doesn’t share with either of them that he is all alone for Chinese New Year, and instead goes ahead with preparing dishes for the dinner.

An expected twist comes at the end when everyone, including Aaron and his father, suddenly shows up in time for dinner just as Mr Lim begins to tuck into the food himself.

Their arrival is timely and brings joy to everyone’s faces but you can’t help but notice the  expressionless Aaron who had to forego his Disneyland trip for this.

Ms Lian Pek, Singtel’s vice president for Group Strategic Communications and Brand said in a statement: “It’s an increasingly familiar story, what with more Singaporeans working and studying abroad, and probably not just over Chinese New Year.”

While the film was written in-house, Singtel worked with production house Akanga Fillms and award-winning filmmaker K. Rajagopal to produce it.

It will be aired on Singtel TV and various social media platforms from Jan 19 to March 2. On Facebook, the video received over 400 shares and 35,000 views in less than five hours from the time of posting.

Watch the film here: