Singtel is giving out up to 3GB of free data every month – but you’ll have to walk 10,000 steps a day for 30 days

One programme on the StepUp platform – the AIA Vitality Challenge – will also offer movie tickets and F&B or ride-hailing vouchers as rewards.

Singtel customers now have extra motivation to get on their feet and burn some calories – all in the name of free mobile data.

Launched in partnership with insurance group AIA on Tuesday (July 16) morning, the new StepUp platform will entice Singtel’s postpaid customers to be more active with a variety of rewards, including up to 3GB of free data a month.

Singtel said at a launch event that the StepUp platform – accessible through its My Singtel app – will track users’ steps and dish out rewards based on a points system. Once registered, participants can be awarded a daily maximum of 100 points, the equivalent of 10,000 steps taken.

Points are awarded for every 2,500 steps taken.

Here’s how the points are calculated:


For every 1,000 points earned in a month, participants can redeem 1GB of data that will be included in their next bill.

That means each participant can earn up to 3GB of data every month by clocking 10,000 steps daily.

In addition to mobile data, StepUp users will also be able to redeem rewards from Singtel’s partners with their own reward programmes.

One programme – AIA Vitality Challenge – will offer movie tickets and F&B or ride-hailing vouchers as rewards starting from August 1. Under the AIA Vitality Challenge, users have to take 10,000 steps daily for a specific number of days in a week.

The challenges will get increasingly difficult week after week, but this will correspond with a higher level of rewards, Singtel said.


Citing a World Health Organisation report from 2018, Patrick Teow, CEO of AIA Singapore, said that one in three Singaporeans were not getting enough physical activity.

Teow added that both men and women in Singapore lagged behind the global average in terms of meeting the recommended weekly targets for physical activity.

To encourage Singaporeans to “find ways to integrate healthy lifestyle habits into their daily lives”, Teow said that the company “applied technology to solve real problems that will make a positive difference to people’s lives”.

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