Singtel’s Christmas video reminds Singaporeans not to snub their loved ones – even if they love their mobile devices

It’s a Christmas video with a message not to neglect your loved ones for your mobile devices.

It’s without a doubt that Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, which is why the message is even more apt, especially around festive periods when families get together.

The clip, released as a short film by telco Singtel is entitled “Ah Ma’s Christmas” and follows the life of a grandmother who’s phubbed (this literally means to be ignored by someone who’s using a mobile device) by her family members each time she tries to engage them or seek their help.

It’s only later when she finds a mobile phone that was given to her by her son the previous year that she learns how to use it with a little help from a gardening friend.

Its Christmas Eve and the grandmother documents her feelings of being neglected on a video recording which gets sent by accident to her grandson’s phone – it happens.

The finale is expected: Her family finally realises how she feels and it ends with a warm and fuzzy Christmas dinner where the grandmother gets everyone to pose in a wefie.

Real cute.

The video garnered impressive views in the first three hours since it was posted on Facebook: Close to 100 shares, 13,000 views and over 230 likes.

In a statement, Singtel’s vice-president for Group Strategic Communications and Brand Ms Lian Pek said: “It’s a simple tale that warns against the regrettable phone habit of phubbing – where we inadvertently snub others in favour of our mobile phones.”

“In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important things in front of us.”

Singtel said that the video will be aired on Singtel TV and social media channels from Dec 8 to 30.