Sisters’ Island also affected by asbestos after mineral was recently found on Pulau Hantu, St John’s Island and Kusu Island

Asbestos-containing debris has been found at four areas along the beach at the lagoon of Big Sisters’ Islands.
The National Parks Board

A section of Sisters’ Island Marine Park has been cordoned off as a result of asbestos-containing debris being found at these areas, a notice issued by the National Parks Board (NParks) said on Saturday (May 19).

NParks has suspended entry of four areas along the beaches at the lagoons where the debris was found, and the monthly guided walks at the Islands will be suspended for May and June while removal works are being done.

The removal works are expected to be completed by the end of June this year.

Once dubbed a “magic mineral”, absestos is now regarded as a dangerous substance. A fibrous mineral commonly used in construction, it has been linked to health problems such as lung cancer.

Its use in buildings was banned in Singapore in 1989, but many earlier structures still contain the substance. When inhaled, it can be very dangerous for the human body due to its toxicity.

The mineral was also recently found on Pulau Hantu, St John’s Island and Kusu Island.