SMRT’s lost-and-found ‘puzzle-solver’ reunites lost items such as rice cookers and e-scooters with rightful owners

Have no fear, Nenek Rock is here. SMRT Service Ambassador BeBe Merina pulls out all the stops to reunite lost items with their rightful owners.

Public confidence in Singapore’s subway system may be at a low as a result of several high-profile disruptions recently but one grandmother is helping to raise the hopes of commuters, particularly those who lose things while riding the trains.

Meet BeBe Merina, who works as a Service Ambassador for SMRT’s Lost and Found Property Office, but call her by the nickname her grandchildren have given her: Nenek Rock (Grandma Rock in Malay)

When lost items are found, SMRT keeps them for three days and if they are left unclaimed, they go to BeBe, who tags them and stores them away for three months.

If no one comes to claim them after that, SMRT donates those in good condition to charity.

But once the items go to BeBe, she pulls out all the stops to try and reunite them with their rightful owners. The items she has received include rice cookers, stand fans, e-scooters and even bottles of champagne.

She candidly says in a Facebook video posted by Temasek on Dec 19: “I would sometimes go out of my way and Google (them).”

“I even go on Facebook because I have a Facebook page. Nenek Rock has a Facebook page and I will just look under ‘search’, put in their name and yes, I do find people because everybody uses Facebook.”

On average, SMRT receives about 1,000 lost items every month which is why BeBe laughs when she says: “I’m just like NTUC FairPrice.”

She explains that her job is more that of a “puzzle-solver” and it’s a good thing because she loves mysteries.

And if there’s one word of advice she has for commuters, it’s: “Don’t be so careless.”

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