Social media is in tears after an intellectually disabled man met his hero, Ultraman – thanks to his loving brother

The post was shared 3,600 times and garnered nearly 10,000 reactions in 48 hours.
Facebook/Arthur Techeir

A heartwarming Facebook post about brotherly love has got the Internet in tears and gone wildly viral in just two days.

The post, uploaded by Facebook user Arthur Techeir on Sunday (Dec 9), was shared 3,600 times and garnered nearly 10,000 reactions in 48 hours.

Arthur wrote about hiring an actor to dress up as Ultraman as a surprise for his younger brother – referred to in the album title as Cipik – whom he said was left intellectually disabled after injuries suffered during a car accident when he was a baby.

The man, aged 32, has the mental facilities “of a 3 to 4 year old kid” and cannot walk or talk properly, Techeir said, adding that doctors had been unable to diagnose the condition.

Arthur’s brother watches DVDs of Ultraman and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in Malay on repeat every day.

“He doesn’t even understand the story, but that’s the only thing he knows how to enjoy,” Arthur said.

Ultraman is a highly-popular Japanese superhero. In the Ultraman television series, the titular character fights off monsters and aliens to protect humanity using solar-powered death rays shot from his forearms.

Arthur wrote that he had harboured the idea to surprise his brother with a visit from Ultraman for a long time, but could only afford the cost of hiring an actor recently.

Photos posted show an elated Cipik meeting the hero of his dreams.

Facebook/Arthur Techeir

The duo even watched an episode of Ultraman together on the couch.

Facebook/Arthur Techeir

“It might not mean anything to normal people like us. But to see him having his version of ‘fun’ for about an hour and a half of his life – that’s just priceless,” Arthur wrote.

To make his brother happy, he also plans to have the famous Power Rangers visit in the future.

Of course, social media was in tears after reading about his gesture.

Arthur also asked Facebook users to suggest places he could cheaply purchase more Ultraman and Power Rangers DVDs, as the family’s existing ones often became scratched after being handled by his brother.

Arthur’s father has been buying new copies of the DVDs every month for over 20 years.

Now, however, the family is worried that there will be nowhere to get these videos once their regular store closes down.

Their current options are to rip a DVD into a hard drive, or download videos off the Internet – but even then, it has become hard to find these episodes dubbed in Malay, he said.

He also appealed to Facebook users to share any soft copies they owned with him.