Social media users are going absolutely savage at LTA’s announcement of ‘tip-up’ seats for MRT trains – here’s why

The new MRT trains’ tip-up seats might not have been the best move by the LTA judging by response on social media.
Twitter/ Land Transport Authority

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has just figured out an unexpected way to ease peak hour congestion for commuters but their idea didn’t go down too well among commuters.

LTA’s solution: fitting trains with tip-up seats.

On Wednesday (Feb 28), LTA unveiled two out of 12 such trains for the North-South and East-West MRT fleet, according to The Straits Times.

Purposed for accommodating a larger commuter capacity during rush hours, the tip-up seats can be tipped up or down and locked into position depending on passenger load.

But not just anyone will be able to fold or unfold the seats. Only authorised persons, such as train drivers, have access to the locking mechanism.

When all seats in the train are in the tipped up position, the six-car train will be able to increase its optimal capacity by 6% to 1,700 standing commuters.

The interesting approach earned some praise on social media.

For the most part, the supposedly ingenious idea immediately drew flak from social media users who were quick to identify potential flaws.

Attempts were made to defend the logic behind the design.

However that didn’t hold the disgruntled online crowd back from raining fire and fury down upon the LTA and SMRT, citing their other past blunders in their criticism.

Other new features of the trains include an automatic alert system that is activated when a train’s power collector shoe is dislodged.

The trains also sport red-and-green livery and the LTA logo on the outer body – however that too, didn’t go down well with some.

Once the 12 trains as well as the remaining batch of new trains are delivered, the two lines will have 198 trains, up from the current 181.